Saving the blue iris.

I popped outside this grey winters Sunday to chop some wood and found the iris bulbs I’d dug up from where the new decking is now built. Shriek! They had sprouted and had become root tangled.

I found an unused bag of potting mix and set about de-tangling the bulbs. I also found some old pots to pop them in.


I hope they survive but am philosophical about their chances. They were in the ground for about 13 years so had multiplied a lot from the few I’d originally planted. After planting in a varying assortment of potting mix , compost and soil I popped them under the dormant plums and blueberry shrubs. I then watered them in well with a good seaweed based tonic.



Oh and here’s the wood I chopped 🙂

I hope all your days wherever you are in the world are beautiful.

12 thoughts on “Saving the blue iris.

  1. You did the right thing by the bulbs. They are incredibly hardy things and will be fine so long as you didn’t just leave them laying around out in the open for days. They will benefit from being separated and you will get a lot more forming now from those newly planted out bulbs 🙂 Let us know if you get a nice show of flowers this year 🙂

    1. I was (and still am) worried about them as when I saw them, I realised they had been placed over near the brick fence with everything else shuffled out of the garage from when they rendered the place. Thankfully, they separated really well and are at least covered in dirt of sorts now 🙂 . If they survive, then it will be a miracle. If they flower then it will be a double miracle 🙂 but, you know, miracles do still happen 😀

  2. I love iris, too, from the big old fashioned flags to the delicate Japanese varieties. I think yours should be fine, now they have more room and fresh dirt. I’m looking forward to pictures, too . . . (hint, hint). ~ Linne

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