Beautiful days and dead whales.


We had one of the most beautiful warm but still days on Saturday. We read on the local news Facebook page that a year old humpback whale calf had washed up on our local beach so off we went for a look. The ranger was down guarding it from over enthusiastic locals and he was able to tell us that it was very malnourished for its age and had been seen earlier in the day with another group of whales. Maybe they helped it to shore or guided its little body to the shore. Was it orphaned or abandoned? They came and picked its body up with a loader and buried it at the local tip. What a sad end to a short life.

7 thoughts on “Beautiful days and dead whales.

  1. A couple of hours drive from here is an area which often has pods of whales stranding on the beach, it’s a most sad thing and would be heartbreaking for all those volunteers who try to save them. They are such majestic creatures.

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