Testing, testing 1,2,3!

Hello Folks,
I’m typing this little post on my iPad just to see if it will publish ok. I am attaching a picture as well to see if it will publish within the main body of the post or just as an attachment. I hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend? I cleaned and sorted and shoved boxes and assorted flotsam all over the house (and bins) just so I could finally have my dining area back with the table and pews back in its rightful spot and not hanging out in my precious kitchen space. We did it! I still have lots of boxes but they are full of stuff I want to keep and at least six document boxes full of photos and albums alone! Those will still need to be sorted through one by one. Ok here’s, hopefully a picture in the body of text.


20 thoughts on “Testing, testing 1,2,3!

    1. Ooh yay! Thanks for letting me know. This means I don’t have to lug my laptop about the place if I feel the urge to blog and I can take photos of what I’m doing and blog “live” ! How exciting!

    1. Thanks dear Fronkiii 🙂 I’ll be able to bake and blog live now! Regarding the shoebox, it died from being squished from Molly’s fluffy butt! It lives in the recycle bin now, about to be emptied into the recycling truck as we speak 😉

      1. 🙂 Earl says she wouldn’t be allowed to have any here. They are ALL his (and don’t last long enough to fit any fat kitty fluffy bums into 😉 )

    1. I’m learning myself Liz and my last blog post had all the pictures but none of the recipe to go with it so I’m not sure what happened to it. I had to go back to my lap top and edit it. We shall be learning together 😀

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