Good news comes on a text message.

Dear fellow bloggers. I’m sorry it’s been way too long between blogs. I promise to remedy that very soon with a bigger blog post than this one. I just had to share with you all that a very dear friend and work colleague has just received a much waited on heart transplant. His gorgeous wife just texted me to let me know the good news. He is already up and moving about. He had a massive heart attack and “died” a few years back while he was in the local hospitals emergency department. He was bought back to life but his heart was very badly damaged and he has been limping along on one cylinder for too long. Such wonderful news needs to be shared.

Take care of each other and yourselves.


4 thoughts on “Good news comes on a text message.

      1. I am sure that the family of the person who died would take some degree of comfort knowing that their death was able to give other people a chance to live. It’s a real reminder to live NOW isn’t it? šŸ™‚

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