Sunday at the Market and other town photos.


This is the back of our local fishermans and produce market that is held every Sunday at the boatshed in Albany. People can sit out here with a lovely coffee and look at the boats or birds and in warmer weather, watch their children have a little swim or a paddle.


This is one of the friendly pelicans sitting way up high on a lamp post preening his/her feathers after a swim. You don’t tend to walk under lamp posts down here for obvious reasons 😀


This is one of the tugboats that operate from the port in Albany. Behind it you can just see the woodchip pile waiting for a boat to come and take it to Japan to make it in to paper.


This is the other one. Behind it you can see the big silos full of grain waiting for ships to come take it away.


This is some form of sculpture that is shaped like a tree with a windvane/weathervane on top. It was a very still and breezeless day.


This is one of the local seagulls who posed nicely for us.


This is a photo of the old quarantine station that new immigants had to stay in miles away by road from the town of Albany but a short boat ride otherwise.


This is Bald Head off the coast of Albany.


This is the start of Ataturk Channel, the entrance to the port of Albany. Huge ships pass through here with the help of those two tugboats you saw earlier.


This is looking back over Middleton Beach and twowards Emu Point and the water at the back is Oyster Harbour. The ranges at the back are the Stirling Ranges.


This is our Entertainment centre. It hosts lots of fun events and local dance competitions. In front of that are a few yachts and catamarans that head off whale watching nearly every day when the season is on.

It was a lovely Sunday. There were young boys out fishing off the jetty as well as family groups having a great time. We just wandered about with a nice coffee each enjoying the day and taking the odd picture. We’ve resolved we must get back to going for walks together in the finer weather. Good for the soul and the body 🙂

Bye for now.

5 thoughts on “Sunday at the Market and other town photos.

  1. Where the heck were you standing when you took this image Pinky?!!! You appear to have taken it whilst hovering on the water! I am hoping that you were on the jetty using your zoom ;). Love the memories of home and glad you are the keeper of the lens and can share it with us here in Tassie :). Have a coffee (and a walk) for me 🙂

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