Golden days.


This was the sunrise coming up from the East of Albany this morning. The colours are so beautiful. It’s like a promise that whatever hellish weather may come further on in the day, the sun will still be there behind the clouds waiting.


This photo was taken at the same time just to the left a bit, looking out over Oyster Harbour/Bayonet Head area.Β  We are very blessed here as we get gorgeous sunrises and gorgeous sunsets too. Will post some sunsets another day.


Here is a lovely shot of a White Tail Carnabys Black Cockatoo that Jason took a few days ago. They love the Eucalyptus gumnut seeds that grow from the trees around our house. Those huge beaks could cut off a finger in no time but look how delicate they are in cracking off the tops of these nuts and using that weird stubby tongue to get at the seeds.

I’ve had the joy of having my youngest daughter staying with us for a week while she recuperates from having her knee reconstructed/re-aligned. Old ballet injury that was better fixed before it got too hard to fix laprascopically (?). They had to cut the patella tendon that holds down her kneecap and screw it back in the correct position and she also had a fissure in the cartilidge behind it. Poor thing has been hobbling around on crutches and we’ve had to help her do the most basic of things we all take for granted.

Thank you google images for the drawing above πŸ˜€

I shall be taking her back to Perth tomorrow  😦

I made some lemon curd a few weeks back and have decided to make a gluten free Lemon Curd swirl cheesecake with a jar of it today. I will swirl it into the cheesecake mix just before I pour it into the crumb base. Will post a photo of it πŸ˜€

Have a lovely day wherever you may be. May your day be golden too.

12 thoughts on “Golden days.

  1. That image from google isn’t there pinky :(. Hugs to Fatty from Aunty Fronk ;). I found a half chewed large pinecone in a gum tree that borders our property and Glad’s next door. There aren’t any pines anywhere around here. The nearest one is over the water in Rowella so one of the black cockies that regularly decimate the hakea’s here (an annual event πŸ˜‰ ) must have brought a snack with it over from Rowella ;). Gorgeous sunrise and love the domesticated touch of the mop handle you are almost as good at taking photos as I am πŸ˜‰

    1. The google photo was just an image of the tendons and knee that she had the same operation of. I don’t know what mop handle your talking about Fronkii unless it’s the top of the stink pipe on top of the kitchen roof? I thought the palm tree added a tropical touch;) We’re driving Sabrina back to Perth today 😦 so she can stay with her boyfriends family to recuperate for a bit. Glad she’ll be looked after :). See if you can get some photos of your black cockies for us Fronkii.

      1. I take it the red stick is the “stink pipe?” ;). So succinct Pinko…now I am jealous, I need a stink pipe that’s red (they go faster πŸ˜‰ ). Glad Sabrina’s new boyfriend has nice parents, always good when you get that :). I will try my hardest to get some photo’s but the little buggers are as camera shy as Bezial is and as soon as you get a camera within cooee they are off…I could get a picture of that half scarfed pine cone if you like? Its up and go seems to have gotten up and went! πŸ˜‰

      2. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make our day isn’t it? I just “won”. I got everything that I was hoping to do out of the way before lunch time and now I can settle down and do my studies (if Earl will let me that is…) and hopefully I might be able to get my head around what our lecturer is trying to get me to do now. Not too sure that my brain is ready for it! There is a WHOLE lot more to these 11 second animations than meets the eye, believe me!!!

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