Un momento!

One moment. I like that little statement. Take one moment, wait one moment, live one moment. What follows is a series of “moments” that help me to pause in my daily non-routine of work, rest and play interspersed with stress, frustration and hysteria!


Bubbles having a break from being Princess Awesomeness (her words, not mine)


A little green frog resting in my mothers rhubarb (i think this was rhubarb).


A horrid but delicate cabbage butterfly on a beautiful scented lavender bush of my dear departed Mum. The scent of lavender clears my senses.

Chilli chocolate macarons!

Jasons delicious homemade Chilli chocolate Macarons with salted caramel filling. It took “Un momento” to snarf these down :D.


A wonderful statement I believe in very much.

Hope you enjoyed these little moments. Will post a better, bigger post in another day or so when I have abit more time.

Take care.

6 thoughts on “Un momento!

  1. I don’t believe it…my new RSS Feed Reader delivered this post!! :). Love the images of the frog and the lavender and Bubbles looks very content there. Jason just elevated himself to “Must Keep for all Eternity” with those macarons! YUM YUM! One day I am going to meander my way back over to W.A. and I would like to know that on my arrival I could sample one of those gorgeous beckoning treats 🙂 You are a lucky lady Pinky 🙂

      1. Who cares! With gorgeousness like those you only need one flavour :). I haven’t even attempted them yet. I am too scared that they would be like my spongecake episodes with flat discs of chewy rubber as the end result…albeit chewy rubber with flavours ;). Jason can be the expert macaron maker and he gets our kudos for his endeavours. I have heard that they are particularly tricky little buggers to get right so hats off to Jason and his macaron making abilities 🙂

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