Spring flowers for winter days.


This is actually a winter flower. A lovely fuschia. One of my favorite flowers. They bring colour and delicate beauty to dark and wintery days.


My lovely Floribunda rose “Slim Dusty” named after one of Australias best country and western singers. Has a delightful scent and is very pretty.


This is another deeply perfumed rose that I cannot remember the name of. My mother in law Maxine gave it to me. Love her muchly 😀


One of my mothers Grevilleas “Robbie Gordon” I do believe. Beautiful nectar producing native bush that the birds and the bees love. Google grevilleas and rejoice in their splendour as I did. Must plant more of these.


My gorgoeus blue Iris that is about to flower any day now again. I keep meaning to dig up the tubers and split them each year but never remember to. Maybe this year 🙂


I know, more a fruit than a flower but it is winter and chillies warm you up for sure 😀

I hope you enjoyed a few of the flowers growing around the place. I shall go take more photos and pop them in a future post. Some more natives from around the area probably.

Adieu 😀

9 thoughts on “Spring flowers for winter days.

  1. You have a lot more flowers than we have here Pinky. The possums ate all of our roses (and glad’s next door) but not roses in gardens up the end of the road :(. I guess I am just going to have to revel in your gorgeous flowers Pinky…keep them coming 🙂

      1. It’s almost impossible to kill a fuchsia Pinky. They grow from cuttings stuck straight into the ground. They are easy peasy to grow and if you love them shove a few bits in a pot and have a go at growing some more. You could be the fuchsia queen of old Albany town 🙂

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