Cold days with Critters in the theme of Monochrome!

The weather has finally turned cold and wet. Winter rain has been a long time coming this year in my opinion. I like a nice wet cold winter but we’ve only had the cold so far. Lovely sunny cold days. Over the last couple of days, it has started to rain, quite heavily and I, yet again, kick myself for not getting a rainwater tank installed. Ah well. Next year it is then! 😉


This is what I call a Mudlark sitting on my perimeter fence. I don’t know their true name (yet) but I also call them “Pee-Whits” and Magpie Stool Pigeons. Stool pigeons because you often see them mingling with seeming impunity with much bigger Magpies. They seem to be treated as poor cousins by the magpies and just allowed to dicker around the edges of the family groups. Maybe their colour markings are just enough to allow them to be in the pack!


Here is Molly. She is also masquerading as a member of a Magpie pack, but she would like to eat them and their little mates the Mudlarks! Fortunately, she is too fat and too slow to catch either of them. 😀


Molly appears to disagree with me on the too fat and too slow quote! Run………….


In sticking with the monochrome theme today, here are some Cormorants drying themselves on a post.


This picture is one of my favorites. A white tailed Black Cockatoo-Carnabys Cockatoo.

These are just a few of the critters in my area that are black and white. I will bring you more critters of all hues soon.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather they have today wherever in the world you are.


7 thoughts on “Cold days with Critters in the theme of Monochrome!

  1. I wish we had wet Pinky! It’s just been frigid with no rain. I just updated my RSS Feed Reader and hopefully I now get your blog! I will let you know :). Love the black and white beasties. We have yellow tailed black cockies here and our robins have pink breasts (blush 😉 ). It’s too cold to go outside at the moment, apparently it’s something to do with a big storm in Antarctica…I hope we get some rain soon…winter is like reverse summer only it’s colder!

      1. You are hogging our rain! Send some over post haste as we haven’t had any and are going to have to start watering the pot plants in the middle of bleeding winter! I think Tasmania has suddenly turned into Antarctica! It was like this the very first year that we got here. Scorching hot in summer and bitterly cold in the winter. Remember Beth and I got chilblains? We didn’t even know what they were! Ok time to head off and get this Roly-Poly Tiger Sweet Stromboli recipe and images posted. I hope you like it 🙂

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