How to sit in a basket.


First, you can either reverse into the basket or you can walk through so just your back feet remain in the basket. Note that the said basket must appear to be far too small for your fluffy butt!


Secondly, you then place both front paws into the basket whilst proudly waving your fluffy tail in the air at how clever you are.


Now you sit your fluffy bottom down, carefully curling your squirrel tail around yourself.


There, now you’ve done it! Be a proud kitty like me.

Love Molly xox

6 thoughts on “How to sit in a basket.

  1. HA! Give molly a cuddle for me Pinko :). Don’t know what is up with my RSS Feed Reader but Steve just had a look and said it hadn’t been updating your posts and he isn’t sure why. I might just check them manually (the old fashioned way, by pressing “follow” on your blog and having it delivered direct to my email inbox 🙂 ). “I’m…BAAAACK!” 😉

    1. Molly is becoming a photo whore, a bit like Squeak was. Molly has been sitting next to me on Stewarts old table while I type up my blogs. Bubbles occasionally pops up too next to me, but she has to be photographed often from afar. Dosn’t like the camera much.

      1. Sounds like Earl (attention hog) and Bezial (Bubbles dog equivalent who would hide in the cupboard if nature had been kind enough to give him opposable thumbs) ;). Bezial thinks that we are trying to steal his soul 😉

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