A Sunday Drive.


Isn’t this just a lovely pathway inviting you to keep on walking down it? This is part of an old, old railway line that used to travel between Albany and Denmark, Western Australia around 80-100 years ago. Jason and I got cabin fever today and went for a drive. I used to ride my horse down this road about 30 years ago and just to the right of this photo is the Wilsons Inlet where I used to let my horse go for a swim and a sand bath.


These are the beautiful emblem bird of Western Australia, the Black Swan. This photo was taken at a little beach called Springdale Beach near Denmark Western Australia.


Here are some Cormorants or “Shags” as we used to call them, drying off on some very old mooring posts. I think it was once a makeshift jetty of sorts before nature overtook it.

After our little photo journey, we stopped into Denmark and had some lunch at a place called Ravens on the corner of the crossroads near the bridge coming into the town. We had a most delightful lunch of a huge bowl each of a vegetarian laksa that was full of lovely coconut milk and chilli and all those crunchy veg and sprouts and rice noodles. Yum! They also make some of the best coffee around, roasting the beans onsite. Then it was back to Albany and home.


3 thoughts on “A Sunday Drive.

  1. I see you mastered the photo insert, well done! It is tricky to navigate, but after a while you kinda get the hang of things. What a lovely road to drive down. There is a lovely part on Wanneroo Road, just before the turn off to Yanchep. The trees meet in the middle and it is a windy part of the road. Just lovely to drive through. Nice to get out and about 🙂

    1. I finally did it after following the dummy instructions from Fronkii and Steve! This is actually only a track for bikes and horses and walkers Kym. I think it’s now part of the Bibbulman track. I think I know where your talking about re-Wanneroo Rd and Yanchep. Haven’t been up that way for about 25 years though.

  2. A lovely post Pinky and full of memories :). I wish I had a bowl of that laksa! I adore laksa and remember getting some amazing versions of it in Northbridge 🙂 Glad you got out and about and shared it with us all. It’s frigid here today and I had to stuff Brunhilda full to the back gills with wood as soon as I got up or I would freeze to my computer chair! Looks like today will be full of baking and cooking (soup, dried beans for freezing and a few bickies for the barrel, Steve has been going hard on it of late 😉 ) and I have to think of a way to use up some kefir before it goes to the dark side and takes my fridge ransom! Have a great day whether you are at work or not and hugs from your older (but certainly NOT wiser 😉 ) sis in Tassie 🙂

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