Emily’s Boozy Red Onion Marmalade

Emily's Boozy Red Onion Marmalade

Here is my finished version of a recipe from Emily at Chilli Marmalade. It turned out very well and I’ll be lucky if I get to keep a jar or two. Everybody wants one! I had some on my steak burger for tea last night and it is simply the best relish/onion jam to put on it. I didn’t need any steak sauce as this met all the requirements. So delicious and thank you Emily for sharing that recipe with all of us. It’s also great to be able to use some of the many empty jars I collect for just such occasions as these 😀 The recipe made seven and a half jars all up. I also got to use up a bottle of shiraz I’d had since 2002 and it was still ok plus some left over Christmas port. Loving red onions as my eyes didn’t water at all with the cutting of them. Happy Days!

12 thoughts on “Emily’s Boozy Red Onion Marmalade

    1. The booze I have left over comes from stuff we’ve had from years ago that we were either given or bought with the aim of taking it to someone’s house for a meal and didn’t. It makes our wine rack look impressive but I only use most of it for cooking with! The Shame! I had an exact cup of port left over from making the Christmas cakes with this year so that was handy 😉

      1. What Steve and I can’t understand is…you had booze… left over?!!! Shiraz?…left over?!!! PORT…LEFT OVER???!!! We not-so- closet alcoholics can’t even begin to fathom “booze…left over” 😉

  1. I LOVE this recipe! I am off to steal it with impunity :). I just used a small jar of cumquat’s in brandy syrup that mum bought over with her at Christmas last year. I used them with some Irish Tree Strawberry fruit that I found over at the Beaconsfield library going to waste…I decided to call it “Mumquat” jam in honour of mum :). Looks like we are both carrying on the tradition, yours somewhat more traditional than mine! ;).

  2. Could you please…pretty please put a link in to Emily’s recipe for the onion jam? I can’t find it on her site 😦 It’s cruel to tease us with it and not let us make some… 😉

    1. Wow! Thanks Emily! I am busting to give this one a go. I’m fast running out of all the jars of onion marmalade I made the other day as friends and family are scarfing the lot! I was very amused to note how my huge pot was full to the brim with sliced onions but they all just melted down as I stirred it over. It simply is the best onion jam/marmalade/relish I’ve ever tried. Thank you for sharing the recipe 😀

    1. Brett, I’ve gone back and looked and your right! I can see the post but not the recipe. I’m wondering if I put a link in to the original blog poster who I got the post from and her blog is now no longer available? I do apologise.

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