What to do on days off?

I face a funny quandary on my days off. Do I do housework? Do I couch surf with a good book? Do I garden? Days off, to me are for relaxing from the grind of going to your paid work. Revitalising your soul. Eating good food. Basically doing nothing constructive. However, I’m becoming increasingly ill at ease with myself while I do this “nothing”. My partner and I have decreed that we are going to attempt some deck building off the kitchen area of the house we live in. Neither of us are woodworking types even though I did three years of woodwork at school. I work in a laboratory, he works as a science teacher.  I mean, how hard can it be? First I’d best head to the local council and ask if there are any legalities involved in what we want to do. Next………ah…hmmm…. pull down pergola thingy attached to house by rusty bolts and not attached anywhere else by previous owner!  What wood is best for decking? A hard wood I’m sure that wont rot in a hurry and is termite proof. Screws or nails? Which is best for applying said decking? Whatever we choose to do. I’ll be taking photos. Any advice gratefully accepted.

8 thoughts on “What to do on days off?

  1. I will wait till Steve gets up till I ask him about what you need as he is the master builder around here ;). The net was down yesterday so I didn’t get to read any posts. Hope you had a great day doing whatever you chose to do :). We are just about to embark on our huge enclosed veggie garden and could be put into the next Aussie olympic team as chief procrastinators ;). Wish us luck (we are certainly going to need it! 😉 )

    1. Hi Fronkii,
      I went to the council to ask if we needed permission etc and all is good. We’re getting some decking and stairs put in off our bedroom as much for a fire escape as anything and those will need to be drawn up by a draftsperson and then we take the plans to the engineer to advise on how to attach it to the granite rock outside. Should be lovely when it’s built. Any advice gratefully accepted too Fronkii from Steve. Actually, just send him over! You too! xox

      1. HA! I need him to make my veggie garden (well the hard digging and lifting bits) so you have to get in line for the hired help ;).

  2. Advice is (steve) you will need a builder for that as its structural and not a handy mans job as its well over a metre and even here we need a builder for under that now . I would also imagine it will need to be a steel deck with wooden slats (like we have here) .

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