Foggy days with Papa Smurf

Foggy days with Papa Smurf

Hello dear fellow musers. Just a short little blog before I head off to work this morning. The day has started out very foggy indeed. I cannot see anything past my fenceline today so the drive to work in Poppa Smurf (my short base sky blue Nissan Patrol, very old see the photo 🙂 ) will be interesting to say the least. It’s so quiet in the fog. You half expect to see some great beastie come lumbering out of it like in a Steven King novel ;). Couldn’t find my newspaper anywhere today so the newspaper truck must have been held up today or they just couldn’t find my house in the fog. I’m going to be making my yummy Mint, Fetta and Lamb Gozleme Gluten free tonight and will post you all some pictures with the recipe later on. Time to head off to the big laboratory on the hill for another day of very interesting work. Will fill you in on a normal ? working day for me soon. Have a wonderful day, wherever you may be in the world.

1 thought on “Foggy days with Papa Smurf

  1. I recon that Papa Smurf could “take” any Stephen King monsters that approached ;). I am going to have to make some gosleme as I have made just about every other kind of pastry or bread wrapped “thing” that you could possibly eat ;). Have a great day on the hill vanquishing Albany’s microscopic monsters 🙂

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