Helping oneself.

I’ve come to the conclusion over a few years that your the only person who can truly help yourself in life. It’s hard. You fall down a lot. Each time you pick yourself up though and dust yourself off, you’ve learnt a valuable lesson in just what you can do for yourself, how you learn and adapt to a situation. Take wordpress blogging. Confuses me greatly and it’ll be a mission for me to navigate around my own site for a while so bear with me on this journey.





6 thoughts on “Helping oneself.

  1. Hello Cathy I like the blog. Ihave a question on how you found my heartwood spoons blog? that’s my tafe one and wont ever be used for anything but tafe stuff. feel free to follow it by all means lol, have you found frans tafe one? lol

    1. Hi Steve, I just sent wordpress out to hunt for fellow bloggers on my friends lists with facebook and google and it popped up 🙂 I like the layout of your poster. I don’t know why Fronkiis didn’t come up.

      1. weird its a boring site with no words but that’s our assessment site so there wont be any words of wisdom on it lol . Fran got the mail and is going to load you in her rss feed reader,,, do you want a rss feeder?

      2. No cringing here Pinky…don’t forget, before I started a blog (which we set up and I didn’t actually “start” posting in for 6 months!) I knew sweet bugger all! RSS Feed Readers are a sort of single spot where you can read all of the blogs that you collect. Any blog you like (in my case LERVE!) you can copy the URL and paste it into your RSS Feed Reader “Submit URL” box and they will automatically add that blog to your reader. I will send you an email today about posting photos, Using Tags so that more people can check out and find your blog and about the RSS Feed Reader that I use if you like. I subscribe to blogs via RSS Feed Reader so that I can open my email inbox in the morning without 70 bajillion emails bombarding me from everyone I have commented to ;). We have to head out to see a friend and walk the dogs this morning and then do a bit of firewood chopping (although if my shell like’s don’t deceive me, we just got the first rain in AGES so Steve is going to be grumpy 😉 ) and then I have time to send emails and finish off the blog post I have to post tonight. This is fun isn’t it? 🙂 It gets more fun when you add photos and you can use photos as part of your posts. I see you got a steak house as your very first “real” like on your blog post…very fitting for Jason ;). Catchalateralligata in a mail 🙂

  2. Fran here…the TRUE narf77! ;). It’s true that you are the only person that can really change how you see things and feel. I learned that lesson as well and am much happier for the learning :). Glad to see you here in the blogosphere and I know that after you get the hang of blogging, you are going to be formidable :). See you on the flip side Pinko
    Fronk 🙂

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